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All you need to know about Microsoft Teams?
Teams is based on Microsoft 365 groups, Microsoft Graph and the same security , compliance and manageability at the enterprise level as the rest of Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Teams utilise identities that are stored in the Azure Active Directory. Also when you’re offline or are experiencing spotty network conditions, teams keep operating.

Skype vs Teams: No Comparison Needed!!

When it comes to Microsoft Teams vs Skype for Business, organisations do not need to choose between the two anymore. Microsoft Teams will fully adopt Skype for Business services in a single shared network, instead. This makes it much easier for organisations to invest in and manage their collaborative software solutions, in practise.

By using Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Office 365’s advanced features, a complete collaboration environment can be developed. Companies do not have to use Skype for enterprise or other specialised software any more.

Teams Security & Compliance!!
Teams enforce two-factor authentication across the team and across the organisation, one sign-on through Active Directory, and data encryption in transit and at rest. Files are stored in SharePoint and have SharePoint encryption backed up. Notes are stored in OneNote, and are encrypted with OneNote. The data from OneNote is maintained on the SharePoint team website. The Wiki tab can also be used to take notes and its content is stored on the SharePoint site of the team as well.

Microsoft Teams Phone System in Australia!

Teams Direct Routing, Bring your telco to Teams