What You Know About Microsoft Teams Cortana?

Cortana flow
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Microsoft Recently announced that Cortana for Teams will be rolling out for Office 365 tenants in the United States!

Microsoft Cortana is excited to be able to provide Voice support in the iOS and Android mobile device teams, which allows users to connect, interact and work with natural language speakers. The function is currently available for users in the United States at the time. As part of future launches, the expansion to other languages and regions will take place.

Cortana for Teams Highlights

Roadmap ID 65346 for Microsoft 365

• Schedule: mid-August and completed on 1 September

• Control: admin

• Action: TeamsCortanaPolicy for administration

How Cortana in Teams works for users?

By pressing the Microphone button at the top right corner of the mobile device in the Teams, you can talk to Cortana. Users may also attend meetings by saying, “Join My Next Meeting” and also, they can use Cortana for sharing the files and reviewing their calendar using voice commands. If user want to make a voice call, can make simply saying “call Megan” or can send IM in the Teams meeting with saying “Send a message to My next Meeting.”

Example of Cortana flow
Cortana flow

Source: Microsoft Feature Update MC218141

What you need to do to prepare

Cortana for Teams in the United States

Cortana for Teams in the tenants (Office 365 United States) enabled by default. At the end of July 2020 controlling this feature policy will be available so that Tenant admins can control who in their tenant can use Cortana voice assistance in Teams via a policy (TeamsCortanaPolicy) which is set at either a user account level or tenant level.

• Administrators can, at the start of this policy control, also use the field CortanaVoiceInvocationMode to decide whether Cortana is deactivated or only allowed with push button invocation.

• Note that the mobile Teams app does not support Wake Word Activation at the time of this initial release but will in future be enabled.

TechNet Product Documentation Update | Cortana in Microsoft 365

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