Microsoft Teams Guest Access

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Microsoft Teams Guest Access

Microsoft Teams

Known as Intelligent Communication Application which enables its user to collaborate more effectively with power Presence, Chat, SharePoint, OneDrive unified access, Meetings, Phone Systems and much more and its simple UI delivers collaboration simply.

Few Key Points

  • Teams completes our life cycle of communication and collaboration.
  • Teams is proactive like it is braking language barriers, integrating tools, file sharing, modern meetings and much more.
  • Machine learning and AI activates predictions, advance searches and more insight of Intelligent Communication.
  • Teams is helping organizations to get people together in a modern manner and get the job done quicker.

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Microsoft Teams Guest Access

Teams Guest access enables your organization to connect with people not in your infrastructure. For example, your organization wants to collaborate with your partners and they are using Microsoft Teams, or even consumer email accounts like Gmail or etc.

After enabling Guest Access, external people can join your organization’s Teams resources and can use allowed functionalities (chats, meetings, and files etc).

Presently, adding Guest into Teams is available in Desktop and Web client.

How Guest Access works in Microsoft Teams?

  • Office 365 Global Admin enables Guest access in Teams. It may take some time to get replicated and allow user to invite external participants in to Teams.
    1. Sign In as Global Admin into Office 365 Portal
    2. In the Admin Center, navigate to “Settings” –> “Services & add-ins” –>  Microsoft Teams
    3. Select “Guest” in Settings by user/license type –> Save:
    4. Once you Save the applied settings, system will notify:
    5. Now, wait for sometime and get settings replicated.
  • Add External users into Teams
    1. Login to with your corporate credentials.
    2. Navigate to teams icon to create new Teams.
    3. Hover the mouse on “Create a team” and click on “Create team”
    4. Fill your teams name and details and click next:
    5. Now wizard will ask you to add people into your teams. In the example, I have added guest users
    6. Once Teams user adds External participant (guest), Invited guest user will get an Invitation. Here is the Invitation sample:


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