Microsoft Teams Meetings Size Increased To 300 During COVID-19

Microsoft Teams Meeting
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Microsoft is going to increase the number of users who can use the Teams Meeting at once.

  • Up to 300 people will now attend a meeting with Microsoft Teams.
  • In the past several months Microsoft has raised multiple limits to satisfy demand.
  • Notably, Government Teams are only limited to 250 members in a conference.

Recently, Microsoft increased the maximum number of members in a Microsoft Teams meeting to 300. The increased limit should help to enable bigger organisations and teams to communicate at once. The meeting cap rise is the latest change in the last few months for Microsoft Teams to satisfy a increasing demand for its service. Microsoft states that Government Teams are only limited to 250 members at a conference.

When more people work and teach from home in the current pandemic (COVID-19) situation, Microsoft Teams has been put in the limelight. Microsoft has increased the limits for Microsoft Teams as a result of increasing demand, including seeing nine people on a video call at once. Through its roadmap Microsoft also explained that the cap for group chat participants would increase from 100 to 250.

Microsoft also plans to add a 7×7 grid view to allow visualisation of 49 call participants at once which will release soon.

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Image: Microsoft techcommunity

In addition to above Microsoft Teams COVID-19 Meeting Limit increase, there are number of new capabilities recently announced with June 2020 updates.

Key takeaway from above product capability update:

  • People App for Microsoft Teams phones
  • Live Captions
  • Raise Hand
  • Transfer to Contacts
  • Seamless Lock/Unlock with your PC
  • Auto Dismiss “Rate my call” and “Call ended” Screens
  • Teams and Skype Interoperability

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