Microsoft Teams Phone System

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Microsoft Teams Phone System

Well, every organization needs a new phone system and it says that Microsoft Teams Phone System thing is a pretty good choice. But the question is what is Microsoft Teams Phone System is, it offers to replace your existing PBX system with a set of features delivered from Office 365 that is tightly integrated into your cloud experience. So, it is the Microsoft technology for allows call control and PBX capabilities in the Office 365 cloud with Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams.

While, elaborating further, with this system, users can use Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams not only to place and receive calls, transfer calls, and but can mute or un-mute calls as well. The users with the help of this Phone system can click a name in their address book, and Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams calls to that person.

On the other hand, to place and receive calls, Phone System users can use their mobile devices, a headset with a laptop or PC, or one of many IP phones that work with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Whereas, the Admins can manage to call options and settings from the same console used for messaging, collaboration, and so on.

Now, speaking about conventional PBX systems, the calls between users in the organization are handled internally within the Phone System and never go to the PSTN. This applies to calls between users in the organization located in different geographical areas, removing long-distance costs on these internal calls.

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So, the Phone System can be connected to the PSTN to facilitate calls to landlines and mobile phones, in two different ways.

As far as the teams are concern, the calling in Teams supports basic Phone System features, such as call answering and initiating done by name and number) with integrated dial pad, call holding and retrieving, call forwarding and simultaneous ringing, call history, voicemail, and emergency calling. On the other hand, calling in Teams is powered by Phone System (formerly known as Cloud PBX), the same service in Office 365 that enables PSTN calling capabilities in Skype for Business Online.

On a larger scale, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace as well as a messaging and calling solution. It helps businesses meet the growing need for partnership within teams in everyday work. So, using Microsoft Teams, it means you are bringing the people together, conversations and content.

Thus, for such a reason, Microsoft Teams offers elements such as chat, group email and calendar, content co-creation, audio/video meetings, and cross-company connections as well.

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