Azure AD Computer Delete Failed “You Cannot delete Windows Autopilot devices here”

Azure AD Computer Delete
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Error While deleting a Windows Autopilot device from Azure AD. “You Cannot delete Windows Autopilot devices here”

The above given error is obvious since it helps to avoid accidentally deletion of corporate resources, but if you still want that resource to be deleted. Let me show you how to do that.

To delete the computer/resource, we need to find the dependency first.

  • Is that device assigned to any user? Do check.
  • Is that device is part of any Autopilot resource group in Azure AD? Do check.

Like in my lab scenario, this device was assigned to a user and causing this. So, what I have done is:

Went to Endpoint Manager Portal and Devices > Windows > Windows Enrollment > Select the device:

Click on three … right bottom corner and unassign user:

Now, you can delete that computer object from Endpoint Manager or Azure AD.

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