Microsoft Office MSI September 2020 Updates Released

Office September 2020 Updates
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Microsoft Office MSI September 2020 Updates Released

Microsoft released Microsoft Office non-security September 2020 performance improvements and bug fixes for several issues that concern Office 2016 and Office 2013 products of the Windows Installer editions (MSI).

In addition, the KB4484511 Office update this month modifies default Microsoft Outlook 2016 fallback encryption from 3DES to AES256.

KB4484251 handles a OneNote crash due to overflow by allowing a user agent string to be truncated.

Microsoft has also fixed many Skype for Business 2016 issues which prevent users from making calls and which result in screen sharing failures in some KB4484501 scenarios.

Office Non-Security Upgrade List September 2020

Office September 2020 Updates

The whole Microsoft Office 2016 Program Package is protected by three Office non-security updates from September 2020, while other two fix issues related to Outlook 2016, Skype for Business 2016, and Visio 2013.

Best using the Microsoft Update Service for automatic install, the September 2020 updates also can be manually updated from the Download Center.

The updates do not include Click-to-run or Office subscription version Office 2016 such as Microsoft Office 365 Home. These updates refer only to Microsoft Installer (.msi) related Office products.

Today’s updates and the Office product to which they are relevant are listed below.

Mind you!! Updates requires a system reboot!

Before you install the Microsoft Office non-security updates of September 2020, it should be also noted that you will have to restart your machine for the installation process to complete.

You can uninstall them by following this process, if your office system starts malfunctioning after installing the updates:

If you want to uninstall Office updates, refer the KB

You will need to apply other changes to correct fixed problems (e.g. KB4484511 needs to install KB4484395) depending on the Office update you would like to install.

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