What Microsoft Enterprise Management Security Gives!!!

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Microsoft Enterprise Management Security

Modern security needs to proactive, well-organized and should effectively manage and stops the threats from multiple attack vectors. For this reason, Microsoft has enhanced its Enterprise Management Security. It is a cloud-based offering from the company which is the combination of precious standalone solutions in a highly discounted suite, licensed on a per-user base. Not only that, it incorporates Identity and Access Management, Mobile Application (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions with security solutions for information protection and threat management. Therefore, this security suite is best for a workspace where mobility and Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) affairs add increasing significance, it will help IT administrators meet the challenges that exist between the best possible user experience and productivity and a high level of security, data protection, and risk management

Before going into more details, for one should know what is EMS, according to Microsoft the Enterprise Mobility + Security is there to provide an identity-driven security solution. Besides that, this suite offers a complete and comprehensive approach to the security challenges in this mobile-first, cloud-first era. The company says that its technologies not only provide the protection service but offers to identify breaches before they become harmful.

Coming to the applications, it integrates through Identity services with thousands of apps across a similarly wide number of vendors. Besides that, there are mobile apps that integrate with this service, include Office Mobile for all mobile platforms, where the integration happens aiming at protecting IP.

Security-wise, with the implementation of Cloud Identity or Azure Active Directory, users can now effectively run the security in the cloud. This implementation makes the user Enterprise’s AD impervious to server and hardware failure as it is guaranteed for high uptime through SLAs.

Securing business intellectual property is now quick and easy with this as it will permit or prevent, depending on the user’s needs, sharing, emailing, attaching and copying files marked as containing IP owned by the enterprise

A close up of a map Description automatically generated Securing corporate intellectual property is now quick and easy with Enterprise Mobility Suite as it will allow or prevent, depending on your needs, sharing, emailing, attaching and copying files marked as containing IP owned by the enterprise.

As far as the Microsoft Enterprise Management Security is a concern, the tech giant offers two versions, the E3 and E5. While, speaking of E3, this has Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium P1, with Azure Information Protection P1 and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. Alongside these this version includes Azure Rights Management (part of Azure Information Protection) and the Windows Server CAL rights with the price of $8.75* (USD) per month per user.

On the other hand, Mobility + Security E5 offers a lot more features. This suit has all the features of Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 alongside Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) P2, Azure Information Protection P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Active Directory [AD] Identity Protection (as a feature of AADP P2), Azure Advanced Threat Protection and Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (as a feature of AADP P2) as well. While the pricing for this suite is $14.50* per month per user.

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Earlier n 2014, Microsoft introduced the new Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which offered the services that had made the security easier for IT organizations in large businesses. After that arrival, the companies managed all of the devices their employees carry with them, and these devices include Windows devices, Android phones or tablets, iPods or iPhones.

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So, basically, it is a set of tools that are acutely integrated to give you all you need to administer provision and secure the devices that are used in your enterprise. With the help of EMS, the user can manage all types of smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a single system. It also allows the user to manage user credentials, applications, and security from a single place.

Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise-mobility-security



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