Why Should Migrate to Microsoft Intune Solution

Microsoft Intune
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Unauthorised access

In the new world of possibilities where company like Microsoft providing more human helping applications which makes life more easier helps System Admins to stop unauthorised access using Microsoft Intune and related applications. Allowing corporate users to connect their personal devices to corporate network system and access cloud apps became possible. Intune and Azure Active Directory backend system work nicely and gives users to secure access to workapps with great admin control.

Office 365 documents and emails can be marked, labelled and secured so that only approved users have access to the information. The settings are handled automatically after the rules and conditions are set by IT managers or users. Alternatively, the IT team should provide users with preferred settings. Administrators and users can also, without any assistance from another authority, revoke access to data shared with others. This work results in controlling who opens or updates protected data even if the data leaves the company’s network.

Lost or theft

What you do in case of device theft with your current device management system? Microsoft Intune is super powerful when it works with Conditional Access. Intune system can be configured with Conditional Access to prevent access and wipe the device out in case of such incident happen.

Prevent data leakage

When you require access to Office 365 host company data, you can monitor how users exchange and transfer data without fear of deliberate or unintended data leaks.

Microsoft Intune offers user-owned devices with app security policies that you set to safeguard your company data.

  • The devices should not be inscribed in the Intune service.
  • App security policies set up with Intune often function on devices running a device management system other than Microsoft.
  • The personal data on the devices are not affected; the IT department manages only company data.

Microsoft Intune Solution helps to protect company data, you can set app protection policies for mobile Office apps on devices running Windows, iOS/iPadOS or Android. These policies allow you to set policies such as app-based PIN or company data encryption, or more advanced settings to restrict how users use functions between managed and unmanaged apps to cut, copy, paste, and save. You can also wipe corporate data from the subjected endpoint remotely without requiring the users intervene.

Safety policies for Intune Devices are independent of system management. Device security policies allow you to control un-managed and Intune-managed Office mobile apps as well as non-Microsoft MDM applications managed devices.

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